apparently shortening the names of stds disturbs my roommates idk personally I think ‘the syph’ sounds kinda cute


I wonder if I’ll ever meet someone who makes me laugh as hard as I make myself laugh because I’m really fucking hilarious if you didn’t know



Don’t ever trust an ally who says

  • violence is not the answer
  • don’t sink to their level
  • you can’t fight hate with hate
  • don’t do to them what they did to you

because they are a terrible ally and they don’t actually care about ending your oppression.

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Peanut butter & banana toast (on sprouted grain bread) topped with a sprinkle of brown sugar, chopped dark chocolate chips, and chopped almonds - lightly broiled until chocolate chips melted and bananas became golden.

I have a theory that all Persian dads held a convention in 1977 where they universally agreed to wear the same cologne for the rest of their lives


James Turrell - Bindu Shards, 2010

Bindu Shards is a “fully immersive visual and auditory work to be experienced by one person at a time.” One is strapped down and sealed in for 15 minutes in this white chamber and exposed to monotone sound and color. Jonathan Jones, UK Guardian art critic, says The most important part of the experience is that you do not know what is inside and outside your head.




Lifehack: Accidentally text the wrong person? Immediately put your phone on airplane mode and once it fails to deliver, delete the message.

This can save lives


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